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#OhSoLuxurious Helen Young was the winner of the first round of this Give away. A new item-- hand-knit by me--has been added and the winner gets to pick which one item they wish to receive. The winner will be emailed for their mailing instructions and a new item will be added to the prize selections. The links have been simplified because a few people found them confusing.  This Giveaway is only open to people in the United States, because of the cost of shipping. The first set of prize offering are these:

How to Enter:
Below are links you can click to Share on Social Media. For this Giveaway, we will be sharing The Old Mermaid's Tale for 99¢. Once you Share a Link, post in the Comments where you shared the link. You get one entry for every time you share, so the more shares you make and tell us about, the more chances you have to win.

Plus: Bonus Entries!

If you have read any of my books you can get 5 extra entries for every Review of twenty words or more that you post to Amazon while this Giveaway is running.

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Once you have finished sharing, go to the Post a Comment below and tell us which numbers you have shared (ex. "I shared #1, #3, and #4.") You can enter once a day but be sure to Comment every time you share so your shares can be counted. The winner will be selected by Random.org. The more you share, the more chances you have to win. The winner will be notified by email and can pick from one of the Prizes shown above.

Don't worry if your Comments don't show up right away--they need to be approved first.

If for any reason you cannot Comment below, email your entries to valentinenewsletter@earthlink.net.

This Giveaway Contest Is Currently Closed,
It will resume in September!
There will be more chances to win in the coming weeks. New Hand-made Knitwear will be added and new Links made available to Share. Thanks for playing.

~~~~Prize Details~~~~

All of the prizes offered are my own work. I am not the most perfect knitter in the world but the fluffiness of these yarns hide a multitude of sins. There may be a few flaws, but I guarantee they will look great regardless. All of the yarns used in these items is acrylic--THESE ARE NOT MADE FROM ANIMAL FUR. Most of the yarn is manufactured by Lion Brand, but a few of them are not. They may be hand-washed in warm (not hot) water. The dimensions given are approximate because most of them are very stretchy so the length and width changes depending on how they are stretched. All of them were knit with lots of love, happy thoughts, and good Karma.

#1 - Rabbit Circle Scarf 
dimensions to be posted
Lightweight and very sleek. 
Can be worn in a single loop or doubled.

#2 - Wild Wolf Neck Warmer
7" deep x 11" wide (approx. 22" circumference)
Smaller but very lush with a soft hand. Designed as a neck warmer 
but could double as a headband/earwarmer.

#3 - Flamboyant Flamingo Cowl
12" deep x 12" wide (approx. 24" circumference)

Very lightweight and fluffy in a brilliant Flamingo Pink, somewhere 
between orange and pink. Makes a luxurious cowl or hood.

She chose the Blue Jean Cowl as her prize.


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  1. I loved The Old Mermaid's Tale. Not what I expected, but better. Kathleen does not fail to impress me with her writings.


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