Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Liebster Award: A Blog Challenge

The Liebster Award is given to anyone with a blog who wants to participate. Since C. Lee McKenzie tagged “anyone who wants to play” I'm taking her up on it. To play you have to thank the person who tagged you with a link to their blog, answer the questions, then pass the tag on. I'm going to pass it on to Susan Oleksiw as well as anyone else who wants to play. By the way, Lee will be an #AuthorLove guest on this blog in the near future.

  1. If you had only one good deed you could do in this world, what would that be?
    Promote tolerance. I am so appalled by people who are prejudiced against groups of individuals that they know nothing about. I'll never understand the need some people have to denigrate others when they don't even know them.
  2. What is one fictional character you'd like to be? How come?
    Minerva McGonagall because who wouldn't love to live at Hogwarts and do magic and teach lots of wonderful young people to be witches and wizards.
  3. What's your fondest memory from childhood?
    Mary Opelt's Woods. This was a large woods across the street from where we grew up that was named for an old woman who used to live there. To me and my friends it was the most magical place in the world. We knew every tree and rock and we played so many games and acted out stories. It will always be a part of me.
  4. Is there any story you wish you'd written? Which one?
    That's a hard question to answer. There are lots of stories I love but I don't think I could have written them. Probably I would just pick one that was made into a hugely successful movie rhat I made a lot of money on so I could worry less about selling books and spend more time writing them.
  5. If you're a writer, what genre do you wish you could write, but just can't?
    I don't think there is one. I've never tried fantasy or sci-fi but don't really want to. I've tried erotica but it bores me so I guess that's all there is to that.
  6. Are you going to participate in the A to Z 2017? Why or why not?
    Probably. I had a really good time this year.
  7. What makes you happier than anything else in this world?
    Having a good writing day makes me happy. Being with people I love does, too. Listening to people tell stories from their lives is also a wonderful treat.
  8. What is the meaning of success to you?
    Having the freedom to do what you want without feeling like tou always should be doing something else.
  9. When you were in grade school, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    A spy and a nun.
  10. Is there anything you want to do, but are afraid to try?
    Not really. There was when I was young but by now I've done most of them.
  11. Please share a paragraph or two from your current WIP or your favorite quote.
    This is what I'm working on today:
A whirlwind of butterflies fluttered past the car door as Grace Winter parked and got out. She ducked to avoid them but couldn't help smiling. Charity Wilde, wearing jeans and a t-shirt splattered with dirt, knelt at the edge of the flower bed surrounding the sign for her family's motel and tavern. A rainbow of flowers swayed in the sunlight of the June afternoon as Charity pulled weeds and dumped them into a plastic bucket.

“So this is the famous butterfly garden,” Grace said, walking toward her. “It certainly seems to be attracting butterflies.”

“Hi, Doctor Grace.” Charity turned, shading her eyes, to look up at her. “Haven't you seen it before?”

“I noticed how lovely the flowers were, but I didn't know it was a butterfly garden until your father told me. He is so proud of you.”

Charity's face lit up like magic. If there was anything in the world she loved more than Boone, her father, Grace couldn't imagine what it would be. 

“It's very special. See, this is verbena and that's milkweed and over there are lilies and lantana. All of them are full of the kind of nectar that butterflies love. My dad said it would be nice if there was a garden along the deck he built out back, so when Lucius has time he's going to help me with it.” Lucius Wicket, Boone's closest friend, fellow bartender, and all around handyman, had been Charity's willing assistant in planting her garden. “I was reading about plants that are good for bees, too, but Dad said he didn't think that was a good idea so close to the hotel.” She sighed. “I guess he's right but bees are important. People don't realize it, but they're dying off and then what will we do?”


  1. Hi, Kathleen!

    I enjoyed your Liebster Award answers. I would have answered question #1 in much the same way. It's nice to know we agree on that. Your answer to #3 about playing in nearby woods when you were little and using your imagination to act out stories would probably seem boring to many of today's children who never learned to use their imagination and spend most of their free time using electronic devices. You and I also match on happiness coming from a good writing day when the words flow. Your answer to #9 seems like a great book idea - a "spy nun." :) As for #10, ever try the Tony Robbins firewalk? I did it five times! :)

    I loved your writing sample, too, Kathleen. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend!

    1. You did the firewalk five times? I am SO impressed. I don't think I would do that but I's amazed by the courage of people who do.

  2. I totally agree with #1. My belief is that if you don't like someone, you just don't know them well enough.

    1. Well, I'll admit there are people I never learned to like but I appreciate your point!!!

  3. Oh good answers! I especially agree about tolerance!

    1. Thank you. I just can't imagine how anyone can hate someone they know nothing about.

  4. A spy AND a nun? That is quite the combination! Really thoughtful answers to those questions. Sadly, I believe tolerance has always been rare in humans. It is just that now there are so many of us and technology has afforded so many different ways to vent it. :-(

    1. I wasn't actually thinking about being a nun and a spy at the same time but, now that I think about it, it might work.

  5. What a fun way to get to know you. My best childhood memories are similar to yours, though for me it was my grandfather's yard.

  6. McGonagall is a great answer. And didn't she end up the headmaster after the end of the last book?

  7. A spy and a those are intriguing answers! I remember at one point I wanted to become a translator.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I just read your bio and see you grew up near an area I'm familiar with. If I had a "hometown" here in the U.S., it would be Jamestown, NY. Since I was born and grew up in Germany, it's not really my hometown, but that's where I lived the longest when I first came to the U.S. I used to work for an inventory service at one time and we would travel to St. Marys to inventory stores there. Small world, huh?

    1. Really, Pixel? Very few people have ever heard of my home town! Thanks for visiting.


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