Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Meet Eileen Patten Oliver #ArtistLove

Today we proudly present the work of Eileen Patten Oliver, 
who lives and paints here on Cape Ann. 
I love her paintings of local ships and other scenes.
Eileen Patten Oliver has been painting in both Massachusetts and Maine, specializing in land and seascapes, for more than 50 years. Born and raised in Waltham, MA, she received her early art education under Paul Shea, Peter Nyren, and Constantine Sgouras & was chosen to take a class at Mass College of Art while still in high school. Life circumstances prevented her from continuing her formal training, but she continued to learn from other painters and learned much on her own. Her work hangs in many private homes and businesses and she has participated in many solo and group shows. 

Eileen was inspired by the incredible beauty of the Down East Maine coast, and after moving to Cape Ann in 2010, she discovered the quality of light, natural beauty, and architecture that are all unique to the area offered boundless subject matter. Eileen paints not merely to document images of places or people, but to capture the spirit and intensity of that one magic moment with her brush. 

An Artist Member of the Rockport Art Association, the North Shore Arts Association, and the Newburyport Art Association, Eileen lived in Maine from 1998-2010 and currently lives and paints in Gloucester, MA, with her husband, Cape Ann native, James Oliver, who is also an accomplished artist.

Eileen Patten Oliver, Artist Statement : 
My goal as a painter is to not just to render images of places or events, but to capture the spirit and intensity of that one magic moment on canvas. I am especially drawn to the people and places of Cape Ann and take daily inspiration from some of the master artists who live and work here now and also from those who came before us. 


  1. I truly love that last painting. My Stetson's off to Eileen and all her beautiful works. You're a gracious lady, Kathleen, to showcase such a talented artist. :-)

    1. Thanks, Roland. I think she's extremely talented and, of course, she paints Gloucester.

  2. Oh, beautiful. What a talent. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love seascapes, Kathleen - these are very nice!

    Susan at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

    1. She does a good job of painting our area.

  4. I do like that last painting the best!

  5. I have been remiss in not expressing my thanks to Kathleen for sharing my work and to all who posted such nice comments. Thank you to one and all!


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