Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's Christmas in Summer! #DomesticGoddess

It may be heating up outside but you'll think it's Christmas when you see this Giveaway!

In addition to being a writer, I am also, as you know, an avid knitter. When it is cold and wintery here in Gloucester, there's nothing I love more than curling up with an audio book and some knitting. Two winters ago, inspired by the Outlander series, I started knitting cowls, shrugs, and hoods out of fluffy yarns that either mimicked the look of real fur or brazenly defied it. The problem is, I went a little nuts and before I knew it I had a shopping bag full of beautiful handknits! Everyone told me I should sell them. I looked on Etsy and faux fur cowls and hoods like mine were selling for anywhere from $30 to $70! Then I had the idea to give them away to my readers. So starting today I have designed a giveaway that anyone can enter. Prizes will be awarded every other week until I run out of things to give away. For details and to enter go to the Oh! So Luxurious Giveaway page on this blog. You can enter as often as you like--the more you play, the better your chances are to win.

~~~~Prize Details~~~~

All of the prizes offered are my own work. I am not the most perfect knitter in the world but the fluffiness of these yarns hide a multitude of sins. There may be a few flaws, but I guarantee they will look great regardless. All of the yarns used in these items is acrylic--THESE ARE NOT MADE FROM ANIMAL FUR. Most of the yarn is manufactured by Lion Brand, but a few of them are not. They may be hand-washed in warm (not hot) water. The dimensions given are approximate because most of them are very stretchy so the length and width changes depending on how they are stretched. All of them were knit with lots of love, happy thoughts, and good Karma.

#1 - Blue Jean Cowl 
7" deep x 13" wide (approx. 26" circumference)
Very lightweight and fluffy. Looks great with blue jeans. 
Can be worn as a cowl of pulled up over the head.

#2 - Wild Wolf Neck Warmer
7" deep x 11" wide (approx. 22" circumference)
Smaller but very lush with a soft hand. Designed as a neck warmer 
but could double as a headband/earwarmer.

#3 - Flamboyant Flamingo Cowl
12" deep x 12" wide (approx. 24" circumference)

Very lightweight and fluffy in a brilliant Flamingo Pink, somewhere 
between orange and pink. Makes a luxurious cowl or hood.


  1. Beautiful work. All I ever did with the fun fur or boa yarns was to make lanyards with them. Or earrings.

  2. Wow! Truly lovely! I will enter for sure!


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