Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The First Review is Glowing!

Last night the wonderful Hawaiian author (and my good friend) Kiana Davenport posted a lovely review of The Crazy Old Lady's Secret to Goodreads and Amazon. Amazon removed the review. She has reviewed my books before and I can only guess that Amazon thought, Enough's enough. Fortunately, she also sent it to me so I am posting it here. I am reading Kiana's new book, The Soul Ajar: A Love Story, and am enjoying it very much. I'll post about that later. Here is Kiana's review.

5.0 out of 5 stars 
November 3, 2014
By DAVE PORT (HONOLULU, HI.) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: The Crazy Old Lady's Secret (Beacon Hill Chronicles Book 4) (Kindle Edition)

THE CRAZY OLD LADY'S SECRET is so rich in its writing and its history of Boston's wealthy, insular Beacon Hill, it left me awestruck. Kathleen Valentine delves into this world like an historian, then describes it like a poet! Her Beacon Hill Chronicles (this is Book 4) are more than Suspense/Horror/Thriller tales. They are a study in human nature, in the moral choice, in the crimes we commit to achieve acceptance, dignity, and love. She seems to know about everything! Pre-Raphaelite Art, interiors of splendid Edwardian homes of Boston Brahmins, and the blue-collar life of Boston Southies. Famous unsolved Harvard murders, and authenticated art heists from museums. She tells us about the Boston Art World of the 1900's, and the famous Fenway Studios where artists painted. We learn about the Golden Age of Italian artists in Boston, and even a secret concert hall still buried under the city!

This is the backdrop for her 4th installment of her Beacon Hill series. 'The Crazy Old Lady's Secret left me reeling with its twists and turns, its tender love scenes juxtaposed with serial murders in Beacon Hill mansions that are all somehow connected. In between, Valentine tickles our funny bone with fabulous character names like Calista Defarge (who owns a knitting shop, of course!) Fritzi Wiggleworth - a Hedda Hoppa wanna-be, and a detective named Derastus Clapp. On a more serious note, she educates the reader to the horrible conditions under which immigrant house servants lived in that era, and especially how young girls were sexually abused by their wealthy Brahmin employers.

But the character who enters and dominates this fourth installment is so foreign, mysterious and threatening, his true identity will erase all your emotions but shock. And he will forever affect the lives of several of the main characters we have come to know and love since the first book in the series. No spoilers here! Valentine writes like an angel. I learned so much about the history of Beacon Hill and Boston. The Crazy Old Lady's Secret is a must read! I loved it. I recommend reading the whole series chronologically. Thank you, Kathleen Valentine!

Kiana Davenport, author of The Soul Ajar, A Love Story

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