Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Coming for Halloween, 2: The Crazy Old Lady's Secret

Another excerpt from The Crazy Old Lady's Secret. Enjoy!!!


Avast, matey! You gonna walk a’plank!” Adam, dressed like a tiny pirate, with a black patch over one eye and brandishing a rubber sword, jumped in front of Viv in the living room of her grandfather’s apartment.
Mattie rolled her eyes. “Stan taught him to say that. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I have two little kids.”
Let me see your baby.” Adam pulled up the patch and peered into the carrier. “Where’s her costume?”
Viv crouched down beside him and placed the carrier on the floor. “She’ll have it on for the party tomorrow.” She looked at Mattie. “I found the cutest little outfit. She’s going to be a daisy.”
Hi, baby.” Adam leaned over to kiss Veronica’s cheek and she grabbed at his eye patch, laughing.
A daisy? That’s adorable.” Mattie followed Viv into the kitchen where she unpacked the cartons of food she brought from Chinatown.
It really is. There’s this green one-piece jumper and then a bonnet with white petals sticking out. She’s going to look precious. Was Joe around when you got here?”
No.” Mattie took dishes from the cupboard. “Darcy downstairs said he stopped and got coffee but didn’t stay long.”
Viv carried the cartons to the table. “I don’t know what’s going on with him. He’s being very mysterious.”

Did you have fun?” Mattie asked, lifting Adam out of the back of the taxi. Though they had walked to the Prudential Center for the party, by the time it was over Veronica was fussy and Adam was tired so they called a cab.
Yeah,” Adam said, rummaging through his bag of treats and prizes for the dozenth time. “That was cool.”
Why don’t I get some food from the deli and bring it up while you get Adam squared away?” Viv lifted out the carrier and her drowsy little one. “Joe was meeting his brother at Handsome Molly’s so he won’t be home for a while.”
Sure,” Mattie said. “I’ll take Veronica upstairs with us.”
Need help?”
Both of them looked up to see Brother Maksim coming toward them.
Hi,” Viv said. “What are you doing here?”
Actually, I’d like to talk to you for a minute if I may.” Brother Maksim took the baby carrier from her. “I’ll take this little angel upstairs and then come back down if that’s all right.”

Viv glanced at Mattie, who shrugged and said, “Sure. I’ll change Veronica and then I’d really like to give my guy a bath before we eat; he’s got candy corn stuck in his hair. Take your time.”

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