Saturday, August 30, 2014

HELP!!! Marienstadt Needs A Mayor!

As I work on a new collection of stories set in the town of Pennsylvania Dutch town of Marienstadt, it is becoming increasingly obvious that this town is becoming unruly and it needs a mayor. As readers of this series know, we have a wonderful Chief of Police—tall, blond, and handsome Henry Werner, who is a good person and looks out for his town but is not above overlooking a crime or two to protect his people. We have a judge in pompous windbag, Harrison Buerk, who, for all his pomposity, is always willing to be persuaded to give someone a break—especially when tempted by one of Lola's confections. And we have a town historian, Margaret Simons, who knows everything that has ever happened to anyone and likes them anyway.

So, my friends and beloved readers, what kind of mayor would be best for Marienstadt? Male or female? Young and eager or old and jaded? I am eager for suggestions. Please reply in the comments section of this post or on Facebook. Please give a description of the person you would like to see as mayor and tell me something about him/her. Suggest a name, if you like, too. I am open to any and all suggestions and look forward to your replies!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Kathleen, I have tried this before but I suppose I screwed it up someway.
    The mayor, Rudolph Getty III, is elected due to voter apathy. He ran because it felt it would make him more important or at least feel more important. He is indecisive, insecure and in trouble.

  2. I like that, Tony, thanks. I especially like the "voter apathy" part.


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