Monday, June 23, 2014

#Knitting My Silk Bag and Smoke Ring

About three years ago I bought a bag of recycled, pure silk yarn on eBay in a luscious color called "Lilac." I have started three or four projects with it then gave them up because I wanted to use the yarn for something I would love. A couple weeks ago I got the idea to  knit a little shoulder bag and I decided to use the silk yarn. The results are great.

In order to make it good and sturdy I double knit the bottom by casting on twice as many stitches as I wanted and K1, S1 on both sides. This takes forever but it makes a nice, dense, thick bottom. Then I picked up stitches all around the bottom and knit with 5 double-pointed needles until I could transfer it to a circular needle.

I use double strands of yarn and knit on size 3 needles so it would be quite dense. The Aran patterns were perfect for this.

 I loved the nested hearts design which you can see better on the back. For the strap, I picked up stitches that were knit in a 3 over 3 cable pattern. The strap is just P2, K6 (cable), P2.
I finished around the opening and the flap in a 3 stitch I-cord. I-cord gives such a "finished" finish. I made a loop at the point of the flap for a button closure.

As you can see below, I lined it with some beautiful, bright lime/turquoise silk dupioni left over from another project. I made 2 pockets in the lining then hand-stitched it into the bag.

The Czech Glass button has been in my collection for years so it made an ideal closure.

Then, since I still had more yarn I made a Smoke Ring--a Smoke Ring is like a cowl only looser and lacier. It designed more for beauty than for warmth.

I still have a couple balls of the silk so I'll think of something to do with it but, in the mean time, I cannot wait to use my little bag.

Thanks for reading.

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