Monday, May 05, 2014

Suddenly It All Comes Together

I'll be honest—I was starting to think I couldn't write any more. For several months I have been working on the latest Crazy Old Lady novel, The Crazy Old Lady's Secret and it wasn't going well. I mean, I knew I had a good story: Joe and Viv are married now and they have a new baby, Veronica; Mattie and Stan finally sold GrammyLou's problem filled house; Cushing and Trent are healed from what they went through; Calista Defarge, Brother Maksim, and Doctor Jones each has a part to play. But nothing was coming together. It was driving me crazy! Saturday I was going crazy trying to write and everything coming out boring. Then yesterday—SHAZAM!--everything clicked. I have no idea how things like that happen.

The funny thing was I kept seeing these quotes online from writers saying things like “sit down and write, worry about what you have written later” and “just keep writing.” So I did. Honestly, I have never figured this process out.

There are writers who create outlines and follow them as they write. There are writers who just start writing and wait to see what happens. I am somewhere in between—I have ideas about where I want this to go, I'm just nevr sure how I'm going to get there. Often times I write scenes that take place toward the middle or the end of the book and then write toward that. I rarely get to use one of those scenes intact but at least it is a destination.

For The Crazy Old Lady's Secret, I have a few new characters that I like a lot. Ariadne Coffin is a Boston blue-blood who is trying but rather charming in her own way. Fritzi Wigglesworth, granddaughter of one of the old Beacon Hill grande dames, is a society columnist with her eye on Joe Quinn, who she refers to as “the Viking.” Marek Beaux is the proprietor of a slick new Back Bay art gallery. And, of course, there is the devastating new owner of GrammyLou's townhouse, Ramin Aria, a Persian art dealer from Paris whose allure is making Viv question her own loyalty to Joe. All of this makes for good stuff to happen. The question is, how?

Writing is such a mysterious process. I slip into this world and I want to record what is going on there—sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes that world keeps kicking me out and I get so frustrated. I don't know what the magical key is to staying where I want to be.

But the good news is that yesterday it worked and I made good progress. The story is now 42k words in length with a good long way to go so it may be the longest Beacon Hill Chronicle yet. I'll get back to work on it later on today and hope all goes well. Thanks to all of you who have hung in with me! It keeps me encouraged that this is worth doing right.

Thanks for reading.

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