Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A is for Anjelica! Blogging the ‪#‎atozchallenge

I completely forgot about the April A2Z Challenge #‎atozchallenge for bloggers when every day we blog about something beginning with that day's letter. So since today is A I'll say that A is for Anjelica Jupiter, the fifteen year old heroine of my mystery/suspense novel, Depraved Heart:

I returned from the kitchen with a fresh cup of coffee and settled back down to work at the computer in my room when I sensed, more than felt, an infusion of energy I had not detected here before. Seconds later there was a light tap on the door frame and I turned.
Miss Hobbs, can I come in, please.”
I could not help smiling. It seemed that the graceful, elegant ballerina I saw so often in the paintings throughout these rooms had pirouetted out of the painting, changed into black lace leggings and a neon pink hoodie and trimmed her long hair into short, fluffy feathers.
Of course. You must be Anjelica.”
She grinned and perched on the damask chair next to my desk, pulling her bare feet up and crossing them under her. “Did my Dad tell you?”
He told me you were coming home but I would have recognized you anywhere I think.”
Because I look like my mother?”
Everybody says that. Did you know her?”
No, I’m new here but everyone who knew her said...” beautiful she was.” She completed the sentence for me. “People always tell me that.”
And what a wonderful dancer, too.”
You know what I was thinking today? If she was alive, she’d be over forty now. I wonder what she’d look like today.”
Oh, I bet she’d be beautiful still.”
Anjelica looked around the room and then leaned over and peered at the computer screen. “Are you online?”
Not at the moment, but I’m on and off all day.”
Do you have to be online for your work? Because when there’s a storm coming sometimes you can’t get on all day. It drives me crazy when that happens.”
I’ll bet. Do you have a computer of your own?”
Yeah, my laptop’s in my room, but I can check my email and text from my phone.” She pulled it out of her pocket and flashed it at me. I saw that the email icon and the text message icon were both flashing. “My Dad said I should tell you that I’ll help you any time you want me to. He says you might need someone to show you around the grounds.”
Yes,” I said. “That would be great. Do you know your way around?”
Sure,” she shrugged. “I spent every summer of my whole life here. There’s not a lot to do.” She cocked her head and studied me. “I like your hair,” she said reaching out and wrapping a strand around her fingers. “I wish mine was curly like that. It’s not.”
I love the way your hair is cut.”
Thanks. How old are you?”
I’m thirty-five.”
That’s not so old,” she said. “You’re younger than my Dad - my mother too. Well, you’re younger than she would be if she was still alive.”
I nodded.
It’s okay,” she said, “she died when I was a baby. I don’t remember her.”
That’s too bad.”
Is your mother still alive?”
Yes, both my parents are. They live in Salem.”
Do you like them?”
Yes, very much.”
Cool. Maybe they can come out here and visit us sometime.”
That would be nice, I’m sure they’d like that.”
She nodded and sat taking in the room then abruptly stood up. “I better go now. I’m going to walk down to The Village and say hello to everyone.”
That sounds like a good idea.”
See you later then.”
See you later.”
She started to leave but then turned back. “Oh, my Dad said to ask if you’d like to eat dinner with us tonight in the dining room.”
That would be lovely.”
He said to tell you six-thirty and it’s casual.”
Thank you.”
She stood for a minute studying me. “Do you like my Dad?”
Yes. I think he’s very generous and gracious.”
She smiled a beautiful, loving smile. “Yeah, he is, isn’t he?”
And, in a puff of fairy dust, she vanished.

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