Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Winter Project in Cotton

This has been an exhausting Winter and even though the calendar says it's Spring the weather hasn't caught up with that yet. I've been in  a slump and have taken to spending evenings knitting and either listening to audio books or watching Netflix. A few years ago, when everyone was all breathless over The Tudors, I was too busy to watch but it has been great catching up while I knit.

Even though it is cold, I am not fond of wool. For the most part I avoid wearing it and I avoid knitting with it unless it is a really good merino wool. But lately I've been in love with KnitPicks's Comfy which is a cotton blend and so soft it is a pleasure to work with. I had quite a few balls of a color called Sea Foam and I started a sweater for myself.
As always, I'm just making it up as I go along. I knit a yoke in a plain 3x3 rib and then picked up stitches on either edge to start the sleeves. My intention was to knit them in the lace pattern shown above but I wasn't doing a very good job with it and kept losing count. 
 This was very frustrating and so I finally pulled it all out.
I found these buttons on eBay and could not wait to see how they looked on my sweater. I think they are just beautiful. 
 Once I changed the lace pattern the sleeves went really fast. I want to block the lace sleeves before finishing the cuff so I transferred the stitches to a temporary bit of yarn until I can get the other one finished and block.
With the second sleeve finished I discovered I was running out of yarn so I placed an order for more--thank goodness they still had this color. My intention is to pick up stitches around the bottom and knit the bottom half of the sweater in the lace pattern.

So, while I am waiting for the new yarn I decided to make a few more headband/ear warmers--also in Comfy. This one is in a color called Zinnia which I think is beautiful. 
So that is how my winter is progressing. I'm hard at work on a fourth Crazy Old Lady book, cooking stews and focaccia in my Ninja, knitting, and hanging out with Henry VIII. Not too bad but I wish I was knitting on the porch.

Thanks for reading.

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