Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Rollers Invade Western Pennsylvania!

As my readers know, I grew up in rural Pennsylvania which is the setting for all my Marienstadt stories. This week the internet, The Weather Channel, Facebook,and my hometown newspaper are all buzzing about the invasion of "snow rollers," a phenomenon that occurs when deep cold, falling snow, and strong winds come together.

Basically, they are Mother Nature's snowball.  A bit of ice gets picked up by a gust of wind and is blown, skimming over the surface of snow, rolling and rolling until a barrel of ice forms. Many of them are small but they actually can grow to be huge. People are waking up to yards filled with these curiosities. 

I went looking on the internet and discovered quite a bit of information about them. So here is a collection of photos of snow rollers, many of them taken by Jenn Vallimont from St. Marys. Enjoy!

More about Snow Rollers from Weather Underground.

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  1. Now I know what they are called! We used to see them in northern Ontario all the time. They do provide intriguing photo ops!


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