Friday, September 20, 2013

Roast Chicken with Apples & Cranberry Dressing in A Ninja

A few weeks ago I purchased a Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System on the advice of my friend Melissa Abbott. These roaster/oven/stovetop/crockpots retail for around $150 but I got one on eBay for $95 including shipping. I've only used it 3 times but so far I am loving it. On Wednesday I bought a 6 lb. roasting chicken because I was dying to see how it would be in the Ninja and yesterday I concocted my own recipe.

First I washed the chicken and rubbed it with cracked black pepper and marjoram, an herb that I love. I set the Ninja to Stovetop High and, when it was hot, put the chicken in and seared it about 7 minutes on the top then flipped it and seared it on the bottom. I removed the chicken (which wasn't easy but I got my big tongs out and that did the trick.)

Next I turned the Ninja to Oven and set it at 375° for 75 minutes. I added 4 cups of chicken broth. Then I cut up and cored 2 MacIntosh apples and chopped up 1 large onion. I stuffed half of this inside the chicken and placed the rest in the broth in the bottom of the Ninja. I nestled the chicken in the roasting rack, put it back in the Ninja over the broth, put the lid on and let it cook.

When the 75 mins. were up the Ninja turned itself to “Warm” and I removed the rack (which was also a challenge) and put it aside. In the bottom of the pot was a lovely, thick broth—the apples had completely melted and the onions were almost melted. I stirred into it 1 c. of dried cranberries, and half a bag of Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Mix. I turned the Ninja to 250° for 20 minutes, covered and let it cook while I cut up the chicken.

The chicken was absolutely luscious—falling apart and so flavorful and moist it amazed me. When the Ninja turned off, I opened it and the Stuffing was done with a lovely, golden crust on the bottom. It made a delicious dinner.

Today, I had part of the leftovers for lunch and I'm impressed at how good it is even cold. The chicken is still juicy with lots of flavor. The bottom crust on the stuffing is crisp and delicious.

This is my first blog about cooking with a Ninja but I'm sure it won't be my last. The pictures shown are from the web, not from my actual meal because I just never thought to photograph it. I'll try to remember for my next experiment.

And, since it is the Harvest Moon this photo is from artist Eileen Oliver. Moonrise over Back Beach in Rockport tonight... 9/19/13

Thanks for reading.

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