Friday, September 13, 2013

Honestly, the things I find in my closet...

In March 2010 I posted this blog of some cotton camisoles I made for summer. I wore the black one many times but I folded up the white ones and put them on a shelf in my closet--I just noticed them again this morning. I'm wearing the 1st white one now. I never know what I'm going to discover.

Summer has to be coming eventually! This dark and stormy weekend was discouraging but a good time to stay inside and putter. I spent much of it in my sewing room making a few cotton knit camisoles in the belief that summer really will come some day. I use the same design for all of them which is not a commercial pattern but rather a pattern I drafted from a camisole I bought years ago. I tend to be a "production" seamstress making several garments at once then doing the finishing work one by one. I have a bag of lace trims and used pieces from those to decorate the front of the camisoles:

Above is the only black one I made. The fabric was left over from a couple long-sleeved t-shirts made last week and the lace is a little piece left from the black velvet kimono coat shown in an earlier blog.

I have an entire bolt of this unbelievably soft, silky white cotton knit so I made three camisoles. The one above is trimmed with a white bridal applique lace.

This one is a beautiful, shiny applique in the shape of a butterfly. It is rather large so I decided not to cut away the fabric underneath the applique. I think I'm past the age where I can get away with that.

And this is a small tatted lace doiley I bought years ago at a shop in Marblehead. I just trimmed away the fabric in the center of the doiley. It gives a pretty effect.

All of the lace was applied by loosening the pressure on the feeder foot to 1 and setting the zig-zag stitch to a width of 3 and length of 2. Then I just held the lace firmly against the fabric (after having strategically pinned it) and moved it free-form under the needle. I cut away underneath last.

So that was a cheerful way to spend the weekend despite the cold and rain. Summer is coming, I know it is, it has to be, right?

Thanks for reading.

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