Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Gift from the Past

My Grandmother Werner had a copy of this book and I remember looking through it when I was young but, like most young people, I didn't realize what a treasure it was. When I started writing my Whiskey Bottle stories, I so wished I had a copy of it. The book is called An Early History of St. Marys and Some of Its People--1838-1931 by Charles J, Schaut. I remember Charlie Schaut well because for years he was the head of the Historical Society in my home town.

Today I learned that the entire book has been scanned and uploaded to Scribd! I downloaded it immediately and have been having a wonderful time going through it. Some of the pictures are absolute treasures. Especially this one. These are the three Valentine brothers who loosely served as the inspiration for the three Winter brothers--Judah, Silas, and Mathias--in my book. The handsome guy on the right is my grandfather. All three of them have the pretty blue "Valentine" eyes:

And this wonderful picture is Mr. Opelt and his oxen. His sister, Mary, once lived in the woods across the street from where I grew up. We called those woods "Mary Opelt's Woods" and that is why I called Oliver's woods "Opelt's Wood" in my Whiskey Bottle stories.

This is a picture of Trout Run, the camp on which I loosely based Judge Buerk's hunting camp. The fourth guy from the left in the front row is my Great-uncle Christ Woelfel, Gram Werner's brother.

This is the old Arcade Hotel and Saloon. The proprietor's name was Windfelder which I borrowed for the name of my mysterious Hexe-woman, Sybillia Windfelder. 

The rest are just images I keep because they remind me of where my stories take place. I'm working on a new one so I better get back to work.

Thanks for reading.

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