Friday, May 10, 2013

Flying Over Rockport: An Adventure

I was out at the Granite Pier in Rockport a couple days ago and the waves were rough and beautiful. I noticed quite a crashing of high waves off on the horizon and I was reminded that there are some rocky ledges out there that I know nothing about. I've seen the waves breaking there before and keep meaning to see what I can find out about them. I love stuff like that.

So when I got home I logged on to Google Earth and Google Maps and went flying over Rockport in search of whatever I could find. I found this:

 If the scale on the map is correct, #1 is 2 miles out and #2 and #3 more are around 3 miles from where I was. The arrow on the left is where I was parked and the three items I circled are what I was looking at, so I zoomed in. #1 appears to be an old breakwater though what it is doing way out there baffles me:
It's quite long and seems to be in the middle of nowhere. #2 and #3 are rocky ledges or outcrops or baby islands:
If you zoom in you can see that there is nothing on them, just lots of rocks:
The one on the right appears to be covered in white which is probably gull droppings (heaven knows I get to see enough of that on my car.)

So, since I was flying around I decided to take a buzz over Thacher Island which is a few miles south of these mysterious places:

 I've been out on Thacher Island many times and it is always a lovely place to visit. This is the South Tower and the keepers' houses:
And this is the North Tower which is out of commission but there is still a light burning inside:
Perhaps someone who knows about the places shown in the first few pictures knows more about them and will fill me in. I'm sure all the local sailors and fishermen go by them all the time but for us land-bound folks they are beautiful mysteries. I'm grateful for Google Earth so I can fly over them and let my imagination run wild.

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  1. An old breakwater is exactly what it is. See here:

  2. Thank you, Robert! I added your link to the post.


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