Monday, April 29, 2013

A Beautiful Day in Boston

Maybe because of the recent tragedy in Boston, and maybe because I am writing another story set in Boston, and maybe because it is April and the flowering trees are in bloom, I decided to go into Boston yesterday. It was a beautiful day, Boston was packed, and the trees were just stunning.

As I am working on The Crazy Old Lady Unleashed, book 3 in my Beacon Hill Chronicles, I keep thinking about the parts of Boston in which certain scenes take place. First of all, there is the North End where Viv and Joe live in an old renovated warehouse condo on Fulton Street. The North End is my favorite part of Boston and the trees there were especially lovely.

Once we had explored the North End and were armed with coffee and cannoli from Mike's Pastry. We went over to Beacon Hill to find GrammyLou's townhouse. Naturally, I don't know exactly which townhouse belongs to GrammyLou but this is Mount Vernon Street where she lives.

I also snapped a picture of Acorn Street because it is on the cover of each of the three books.

From there we went to the Public Garden where Viv and Mattie played as children and where they take Adam, Mattie's little son, for walks.

So it was a beautiful day and I loved having the opportunity to visit and -- as always -- I was very happy to leave all the hustle and bustle and come home.

Thanks for reading. 

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