Friday, March 29, 2013

Boomer Lit Friday: Ruby Loves Silvio

Boomer Lit Friday is a project by a Goodreads group to introduce readers to works of fiction of particular interest to Baby Boomers. These books feature characters in their fifties and sixties dealing with real life issues. Every Friday the Boomer Lit Friday Blog will list a selection of short, relevant excerpts for readers to enjoy.

Ruby and Silvio have been together for over 40 years. But long ago Ruby fell in love with someone else and planned to leave. Her plans fell through and a recent discovery has taught her how lucky she was that they did.

From My Last Romance in My Last Romance & other passions: Eight Love Stories:

Silvio stands on the porch in his white terry cloth bathrobe sipping coffee from a mug. He looks so tan. I wonder why I hadn’t noticed that before. As I get out of the car he leans against the trellis and lifts his mug in greeting; sun filtering through the wisteria washes a beautiful violet light over his strong features. He looks more handsome than anyone I ever remember seeing. Those black eyes are still deep and full of fire. I hold them with mine as I climb the stairs. He doesn’t move as I draw close and slip my hand inside his robe and caress him where he most loves me to caress him. He leans forward and kisses me hard on the mouth.
"I love you, Silvio," I whisper, fondling him, feeling him twitch and quiver.
         His smile is breathtaking and just a little stunned. "You better watch it," he says. "You’ll shock the neighbors."
         "The hell with them," I say greedily kissing his throat and chest. "We were doing this before most of them were born."
        He laughs and puts his arm around me taking me into the house. "That’s right," he says, "we sure were."

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  1. Aroused my interest. :) Nicely done.

  2. This has great appeal for a very broad audience. Not only are you a good writer, but you speak for a whole demographic waiting to read about romance after 50!

  3. I'd say you've aroused more than just my interest! Very nicely done!

  4. Thank you, all. I love Ruby and Silvio! Of all the characters I've ever created they are very, very high on my list of favorites. Both of them are flawed people but, when all is said and done, they just go on loving each other.

  5. I have read all of these stories and I loved the story of Ruby and Silvio too. And I liked that this one turned out the way it did, when it could have been much different.

  6. Your intro remarks and the snippet you have presented sets up an interesting dynamic. And when you add the cover art, the relationship seems timeless.

  7. Thank you, all. Yes, Ruby and Silvio are a great couple. There are three more stories in this collection that involve older lovers. I'll be posting snippets in the next couple weeks.

    And, Lynn, thanks for reading it and your kind words.

  8. Ooooh, I love this scene. Have you considered featuring these two lovers in a novel?

  9. Hot stuff, hey boomers are hot, hot stuff, love it! Well done!

  10. Sandy, maybe some day though it's going to be ages before I finish all the stuff I have started.

    Thank you, Claude.

  11. There's nothing like a white terrycloth robe to show off your tan! I have to quit reading these snippets in the afternoon. My wife has this thing about daylight. Ugh!


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