Thursday, February 07, 2013

Wicked Stawm Comin' - Be Safe

We are under a blizzard watch out here on the island. The Code Red Call just came in telling us to get our vehicles off the streets as of 8am tomorrow. So, this afternoon I went to the grocery store, swung by the Liquor Locker for snake-bite medicine (snakes are a BIG problem during Gloucester blizzards), then dropped my car off at a friend's house. Now I am charging devices, rounding up candles and matches, bottling water, and cooking. I have no idea if all these precautions will be necessary but we are New Englanders so we do this.

The best part of "wicked stawms comin'" is neighbors. I am always so moved by the neighbors who call to ask if I need anything while they  are out. When Jane brought me home from parking my car she gave me a quart of her delicious, home-made pepper jelly, plus a big jar of sweet red pepper spread. With a box of Ritz crackers (which I have) and a carton of cream cheese (ditto) I am set.

So, everyone, stay home, read books, knit stuff, sew, cook, and remember that summer is coming. Be safe and thanks for reading.  


  1. I am sort of envying you this winter storm. Hot pepper jelly and Ritz crackers and lots to read? Your preparations are right up my alley.

    Hope you stay warm and cozy, and things get just wintery enough to be fun.

  2. Thank you, Carla! So far it is quit but tonight is supposed to get blustery.


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