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Guest Blog by Ia Uaro, author of "Sydney's Song"

Australian Ia Uaro is the author of Sydney's Song. This is the story of her journey:

My Pledge: What It’s Like To Have No Father

It broke my heart to see a dear little girl holding a poster, wishing for a dad figure to visit her. A girl or a boy, Valentine’s Day or not, there are times when a lonely little soul just longs to be with that father figure: somebody strong, somebody who will take away all pain and hurt, or simply to make the day complete.

And so I’m donating the sales of  Sydney’s Song until Valentine’s Day for a dad to visit this dear darling daughter. Come watch my trailer and at the bottom of this there is a link to a FREE chapter, which shows an example of how it is like to have no father. I hope you will enjoy this excerpt and contribute towards my fundraising. 

The Story
Olympic fever runs high in the Australian summer of 1999 and 17-year-old Sydney has caught it. Little does she know taking a holiday job in the beehive that is the Olympics' public-transport call centre will be life altering. Shaken by her parents’ divorce, the sheltered Aussie is further plagued by abusive callers, obnoxious government agencies, constrictive office rules, and liberated friends. She is trying to negotiate these challenges as her own personal Olympics when Pete finds her. Pete, Boston's former child prodigy whose soothing voice floats across her workstation, sees through Sydney's tough outer shell. Pete knows what it takes to present a dignified front when all you want to do is howl at the moon. Treating their friendship like an art, he invests time and creative effort to pull Sydney out of her despair. 
Tragedy strike when an accident leaves Pete with a major brain injury in a Boston hospital. Their families think Sydney is too young to cope with all the complications, but she doesn't agree. After all that he has done for her, Sydney refuses to leave Pete with people who view him only as an endless chore. Deferring her university studies, alone in a foreign land facing new trials, Sydney stays at his side—even when he doesn't recognise her.
Set in Sydney and Boston where heartbreaks are juxtaposed humour, SYDNEY'S SONG is a young girl's courageous journey to adulthood and a love story. A work of fiction based on real events, this novel with an Australian accent also shows the world that living with disabilities does not prevent a person from attaining happiness.

Why I felt compelled to write Sydney’s Song
My old fans from another language tracked me down, asking me to write again, so believe I have something entertaining to give to the world.

The first half is a socio-fiction, humorous and tragic, about the lives of my former co-workers. This part shows a group of Irish, British and American backpackers in Australia, and a serious case of modern slavery.

The second half is my husband's true condition. Again, tragically humorous. This part deals with brain injury and shows the world how, even when a person loses everything that he used to be, living with disabilities does not prevent a person from attaining happiness.

A drama, humorous fiction, socio fiction, romantic fiction, coming-of-age, this is a book that will entertain people in many countries, from the international youths who have made Australia their must-visit-before-you-die country to older readers who want something different in their bookshelves. This book has been praised for its dual settings of Australia and USA and its cast of international characters, complete with their accents.
As a socio-fiction Sydney's Song calls for dialogue and tolerance on difficult topics pertaining to today's society in Australia and western countries, but it's never heavy handed. Light and airy, Sydney's Song has won the admission of people who do not agree with Sydney's views, that the story is greatly enjoyable and the characters are thoroughly developed.
Thought-provoking and funny, Sydney's Song is a must read for senior students before leaving high school; and for lovers worldwide, who will sure pause and rethink their relationships.
Artfully illustrated, the paperback is a beautiful-looking delightful story, a heart-warming and heart-winning gift for every occasion.

Praise for Sydney’s Song
Following are some of what people have said about the book. The credentials of these reviewers are on http://sydneyssong.net/reviews.htm.

ANNA del C.DYE: “The best story of true love and eternal partners I've ever read.”

STEPHANIE DAGG"Hugely entertaining. Nothing is predictable in the story."

IRINA DUNN: “SYDNEY'S SONG is intelligent, touching, interesting and funny."

MATT POSNER: "SYDNEY'S SONG demonstrates the way in which human beings can thrive under adversity using the power of their hearts and wills."

J. LENNI DORNER: "Wonderful and compelling."

UVI POZNANSKY: "I was too busy laughing and crying at every twist and turn of this story.”

ALLAN WILFORD HOWERTON: “I am delighted to recommend it to adult readers who may think that they are done with all that angst of the young. My bet is that you will be pleasantly surprised, as was I.”

ALICE DiNIZO:“Charming and totally realistic with first-rate characters. A believable portrait of true love.”

PHIL NORK: "Touched me in ways most books don’t."

REYNA HAWK: "It really made me feel as though I was right there in Australia! Oh and the ending—OMG wonderful! Applaud, applaud."

About me, Ia Uaro
I am a former teenaged writer, petroleum seismologist, and volunteer translator, now a mum who does several kinds of volunteer work, assesses manuscripts, reviews books and writes real-life socio fiction. Come visit my blog where I also review YA work, and say hello on my Guestbook.

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