Saturday, December 29, 2012

History in a Comic Strip: St. Marystown Saga

When it comes to colorful characters there aren't many more colorful than Dick Dornish from my home town of St. Marys, Pennsylvania. I've known Dick most of my life and it was always fun to run into him because he always had a story to tell. Among his many gifts is an ability to draw and throughout the years our local newspaper, The Daily Press, often featured Dick's cartoons about local issues.

In 1995 Dick, with the cooperation of The Daily Press, began an extraordinarily ambitious project. He set about documenting the history of our town in comic-strip format. He drew nearly 300, 4-panel strips and they were all printed in the paper. Now, with Dick's permission, Dennis Lecker has digitized all of those strips and created a web site for them. It is called The St. Marys Town Saga. You can read about the founding and first hundred years of the town, St. Marys, that served as my model for the town of Marienstadt in my book The Whiskey Bottle in the Wall. Enjoy!

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