Friday, November 30, 2012

Beaten by the Billionaire: What Is Going On???

If you go to Amazon and do a search on “billionaire domination” you will get 669 book results. If you search on “billionaire BDSM” you get 1,386. If you write a book about a gorgeous, sexy, but wounded and vulnerable billionaire who gets off on “disciplining” women but gets his clock cleaned by a sweet, virginal innocent who submits to him so sweetly that she just melts his iceberg of a heart when she looks at him “that way” when he has her naked, tied up, and paddled raw, you will likely make a fortune. These books are hotter than the scenes in them. Why? Beats me. (Maybe a poor choice of words considering the subject.) I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am totally baffled by why women are gobbling up these books.

Yesterday a guy on Facebook posted a link to an article online written by a man who had some vile things to say about women. The poster said he put it there to generate “discussion.” He agreed with the article and challenged anyone to “dare" to agree as well. After a whole lot of posts telling him how wrong the article was, the poster pitched a hissy-fit and deleted it. The article is a slobbering tirade against women with the author's main premise being that the only women who object to rape are those who are too ugly to be allowed out side. He justifies part of his argument by pointing to the popularity of romance novels. Among many things, he says:
Any moron with the sixth grade reading skills required for a romance novel can tell you this. I’d wager good money there is not a single one of those books that doesn’t have at least one scene with a woman saying “no” ten times, just before opening up like a spring flower and getting stuffed with enough c*** to make Ron Jeremy blush.
In romance novels, that is the preamble to “happily ever after.” Being taken, with some amount of force or another, is the main draw to this genre of writing. Hell, I don’t even really call them Romance Novels. I call them “Bosom Heavers.” Watch a woman read one and you will see why. By the time she gets halfway through one of those “no doesn’t mean jack shit,” scenes, her t*** will look like they have been outfitted with low-rider hydraulics, lifting and dropping sharply with each powerful thrust she is imagining in her mind.
Now, obviously this guy has a lot of problems. As a woman who grew up with three brothers who are about as masculine as it is possible to be but who would be repulsed by such talk, I learned long ago that guys like the author of this article are so filled with anger toward the opposite sex that they have convinced themselves that any man who disagrees with him has been whipped into submission by the “evil feminazies.” That baloney is an easy excuse for someone trying to justify his own pathology. HOWEVER...

I know. There she goes again. When books with titles like “Make Me Beg,” “Everything He Demands,” “Dominate Me,” and titles I can't even print here, sell by the ga-jillions it is pretty hard to make the case that women do NOT want to “get stuffed...” etc. etc. etc. Of course the difference is that, while most women who read these things cannot get enough of them, they would scream bloody murder if they were actually expected to LIVE them. Yes, I know there are people who participate in BDSM lifestyles complete with “safe” words and all that. But I suspect that the majority of women who squirmed and wiggled as they read the 50 Shades book would run like hell if their mate or most recent date suggested living that lifestyle.

There's something peculiar going on in society. On the far-right we have people trying to deny women basic rights – health care, contraception, equal pay, workplace discrimination, and protection from violence. There are idiots saying that “some girls rape easy” and talking about whether rape is legitimate or not. At the very same time we see an unprecedented rise in women gobbling up books about being dominated, disciplined, with the very clear message “if she submits to this abuse sweetly enough she will melt his heart and he will love her forever.” This is something I simply cannot understand but it seems obvious to me that there are no coincidences here. If someone can explain it to me, I'd certainly appreciate it.

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  1. I may not be able to explain all of it, but…

    There was an article (now out of date and removed I believe), on the web site of The Guardian in the U.K., that examined this phenomenon and the books that brought it to the fore, and, since I (like most authors) would like to figure out how to make a bizillion dollars from my writing, I read the article. It was very unfavorable, but what was most interesting was one of the comments:

    “If you really want to know why women have gone a bundle on this: instead of conjecturing and commissioning articles from a journalist who clearly loathed the book just nip round to Amazon and read some of the 5-star reviews left by women and the reasons cited by them for having loved it. Most of these 5-star reviews are of the opinion that the books’ appeal lies in ‘more than just the sex’ and that it’s the ‘character development’ and the ‘plot’ and the interactions between the characters that resonate with them.

    “For the most part, these women like everything about the book other than the BDSM bits—in other words, the vanilla relationship between two archetypes of romance fiction.

    “Furthermore, all these pseudo-intellectual debates and articles on whether women like to be controlled miss the very salient point about the books—that, in the end, he does not control her, sexually or otherwise. She’s essentially the one calling all the shots and she ends up controlling him in ways unimaginable in your average relationship. She never really goes the whole hog with the BDSM bits either, and refuses to let him cane her, suspend her, whip her with a belt, and so forth. The BDSM bits she consents to for the most part involve innocuous sex toys which cause next-to-no pain.

    “The moral of the story, after all is said and done, is that women like powerful, wealthy alpha males who will worship the ground those women walk on, which allows them to derive a vicarious sense of power. The master of the universe at their beck and call, submitting to their every whim. It’s not the sex per se, though I suppose it doesn't hurt that the man isn’t rubbish in bed, but the romantic fantasy of being THE most important thing in the life of a man who’s got everything one could wish for—and the concomitant sense that the woman is more important than all the wealth and power in the world.”

  2. I think I take issue with the author's statement that the women do not like the BDSM. I say this because there are tons of spin-offs on these books that are even more sexually graphic and intense and they are selling like mad. There is a Facebook group called "What to read after 50 Shades of Grey" and everyday they publish titles of Billionaire BDSMs. I've skimmed through a couple of them (the free ones) and they are rough, in my opinion, but they are FLYING off the digital shelves.


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