Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Crazy Old Lady 2 is off to a good start...

A couple days ago I wrote about doing a sequel to The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic. I've been a little obsessed with it and have begun hammering away. I think I have a decent concept going so, because I am a visual person, I mocked up a cover to inspire me. Below is my cover mock-up and the opening. What do you think?

Body Recovered from Beacon Hill Garden Interred at Forest Hills
BOSTON – City officials say that a body buried for close to twenty years under the terrace of a Beacon Hill townhouse has been removed and buried at Forest Hills Cemetery. Officials learned of the grave, which had been covered by a flagstone terrace, earlier this year from an heir of the recently deceased owner of the townhouse. When the new owner learned of the grave shortly after the death of Mrs. Kingsley (Louise) Thorndike, who passed away in May of this year at the age of ninety-one, she notified authorities. It is believed that the remains are those of Britta Falk, a Swedish immigrant who was a servant in the Thorndike household for many years. Why she was buried in the garden is unknown. Police had the body removed earlier this month and transported it to the City Morgue where an autopsy was performed. Despite being in a state of advanced decay Falk's death appeared to be the result of natural causes.
Mrs. Thorndike's heir, Matilda “Mattie” Thorndike Michaud, of Truro, Massachusetts, assumed the cost of a proper burial for her grandmother's former servant.
Now I wish I had never seen this article tucked in a corner of the Boston Herald. Now I wish I had never noticed Mattie Thorndike's name. We hadn't seen each other in decades, not since we were classmates in that little private day school in the Back Bay. Now I wonder how many more deaths it will take to avenge that one – that one that should have been kept a secret forever. I should have minded my own business. It's not like I don't have enough problems of my own.

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