Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's A Sign: Missy Fillion

Continuing my series on interesting coincidences that writers experience this story comes from Missy Fillion:

A worn-out mom of young children goes on a women's retreat and meets Jesus in Retreat to Folly. I was a worn-out mom of young children who loved going on retreats and loved reading about people's visions of Jesus. I was particularly drawn to regular people's interactions with Jesus, not just saints though I enjoy those too. I decided to combine my place in life, struggling in motherhood, with my fascination of people who talk to Jesus and actually hear back from him. I could process my journey through motherhood and think about what Jesus might say to someone in my shoes and set it all at my favorite place in the world, Folly Beach, South Carolina.

Several years into the writing of Retreat to Folly as I was closing in on the finishing line, I read about a healing retreat being offered at our local monastery, my second favorite place for a break. I called to reserve a spot thinking the retreat would be wonderful since so much of my book was about healing. The retreat was full, so I was put on a waiting list. As time passed without hearing anything, I knew I wouldn't be going.

At 9:00am on the morning of the retreat, the monastery called with a spot which had just opened. I quickly packed and raced out there. The kids were so happy to see me go. They have lots of fun with Daddy when Mom goes on retreat. It kind of hurts my feelings to see them so eager to get rid of me, but I enjoy my time alone too much to let it hurt for long.

At one point during the weekend I was eavesdropping, as all authors probably do, on a woman who was talking to the retreat leader. I spoke to this woman afterwards because the Holy Spirit nudged me. This woman I met on a retreat I almost didn't attend later introduced me to a woman who talks to Jesus, just as my character does on the beach in Retreat to Folly.

Missy Fillion is a native of Charleston, South Carolina who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two beautiful children.

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