Saturday, September 01, 2012

Another KDP Select FREE Book & the Inspiration Behind It

My collection of three love stories, Mardi Gras Was Over: Three Love Stories is free from KDP Select through Monday so, if you haven't read it, now is a chance to get it free. The three stories all came to me in different ways.

The first story, Mardi Gras Was Over, started bubbling up in my head when I was talking to an old friend from college some years back. When we were college students she met this guy who was everything good girls are supposed to avoid. He was older by almost ten years, a Vietnam vet who was covered with tattoos and he drove a Harley. She was crazy about him and all of us were worried about her but secretly envied her. The thing was, he turned out to be a really good guy. They married and settled down, and had some kids. While we were talking she said that her 12 year old daughter was a real rebel and she said her husband was having a hard time dealing with this. She said, “Sometimes when I watch them arguing I think that to me he was the coolest, most exciting guy I ever knew but to her he's a stuffy, old, pain in the neck.” Thus the story began to grow.

The second story, The Mermaid Shawl, was one I dreamed up while I was knitting the mermaid shawl that is the inspiration for my book on lace knitting. It was a very cold winter and I was in the process of drafting the final rewrite of The Old Mermaid's Tale. That book deals with a lot of Great Lakes legends and folklore and I remembered a story I had come across in my research about a woman who lived on an island in Lake Michigan who rescued drowning sailor. As I knit my shawl I thought a lot about this woman and my imagination ran amok. And so that story grew.

The third story, Sailor's Valentine, is very personal. It is a fantasy that grew out of a relationship I had. Those people who knew while that was going on will recognize many intimate details in the story. I named the fisherman's boat F/V Northern Gannet because he loved gannets and spent hours watching them fish. The story has a supernatural twist at the end and that is something I had my own experience of. I would never have believed it if I hadn't experienced it.

So those are the stories that inspired the stories in Mardi Gras WasOver: Three Love Stories. I hope you'll pick up a copy and enjoy it.

Thanks for reading.

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