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Guest Blog: Using HCG to Fight Middle-Age Spread by Ann Chambers

Thanks to Ann Chambers, author of 35 Quick & Easy HCG Recipes:
It’s stunning how middle age can creep up on a person. And with every year, a couple more pounds. Last year I went to the doctor for a checkup and the first thing the mean nurse did was weigh me.
Fajita Lime Chicken Salad. Our fajita lime marinade and salad dressing are two of my favorite flavors to date.
If any doctors are sitting around wondering how to get people to stop dreading doctor visits, I recommend cutting out the weigh in. It’s a start, at least. Let us lie to you. Just ask us what we weigh, then add 20 pounds. You’ll be close.
Anyway, at that weigh in, I was shocked to discover I had passed my all-time peak weight, which was set 22 years ago when I had twins. Something had to give. But with middle age came a thyroid problem that made losing weight extremely difficult. Nothing seemed to really work.
A month or two later, however, I saw my brother and he had dropped a lot of weight. Turns out he and several other chubby family members had done the HCG diet with great results. They lost between 20 and 45 pounds each depending on how long they stayed on it.
So I trotted right down to my Chiropractor and got HCG drops and diet instructions. The diet is very strict. You must eat exactly what it says and nothing else. I went directly to the grocery and bought the correct foods.
But cooking meals on the diet was practically impossible. I’m from Oklahoma and some consider us Midwestern. Some consider us Southern. I think my cooking leans toward Southern and it’s chock full of bacon grease, butter, gravy, etc. Well HCG is having none of that.
I looked at the possible ingredients and couldn’t imagine anything interesting could be made from these foods. No diary, no fat, no bread. Oh dear!
Luckily, I was dieting with several chubby friends who are also foodies, so we put our heads together and started experimenting. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
With a handful of failures along the way, we figured out a number of great dishes, marinades, and salad dressings that can be made using allowed HCG foods such as vinegars, mustard, lemons and limes, and dry spices.
After we completed the diet, I compiled all our best dishes and discoveries into a recipe book then added an explanation of the diet and the diet protocol along with photos of some of our creations.
Salsa! Now we’re talking flavor!
The book took off and has been a solid seller for me ever since. I think it’s primarily because the diet does make it pretty much impossible to cook any “regular” food.
I recently created forms to help HCG dieters shop for the groceries and track their diet progress. The forms are available for free download on my website/blog at along with some extra HCG recipes.
I hope the book and the forms help other people struggling with their weight find success. The HCG protocol was such a miracle for me. I am pleased to see my book and forms help others.
Ann Chambers is a journalist, author, and long-time foodie. She worked in a variety of restaurants as a teen and college student, developing an interest in food and cooking. Semi-retired after 20 years working full time as a reporter, editor, and researcher, she is now busy experimenting in the kitchen and tending the garden. Over the past year she has compiled 6 new e-cookbooks, including 25 Quick & Easy Quesadilla Recipes, 35 Quick & Easy HCG Recipes, and her latest offering Gourmet Ice Pops for Kids and Adults.

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