Friday, July 13, 2012

Cape Ann Re-imaged from Clare Higgins

Clare Higgins has one of the most interesting minds I have ever encountered. A native New Yorker she has worked as a translator in several different languages, did a stint as an actor in off-Broadway, has written several plays one of which -- called "Queer Bent for the Tudor Gent," a parody in words of the Bard -- was performed in a couple small play competitions, one in New York City and one in Sydney, Australia. She is also a designer who has come up with some of the most creative ideas I've ever seen. She also is my next-door neighbor.

Recently she started talking to me about an idea she had - she called it Cape Ann Re-imaged - to take local icons and reinterpret them in the style of famous artists. Her designs are absolutely wonderful! My favorite (probably because I love Andy Warhol) is this one:
And, because I also love Matisse, I'm quite fond of this:
But all of them are clever! Jasper Johns fans will appreciate her re-interpretation of The Paint Factory:
And she did not neglect Rockport with her vision of Motif #1 as imagined by Rene Magritte:
She also was inspired by Escher to interpret lobsters blending into seashells:
But the most most innovative in my opinion is her tribute to Leonardo DaVinci, the Vetruvian Man at the Wheel:
All of Clare's designs are available on t-shirts and other products through Cafe Press: Cape Ann Re-imaged.

I'm dying to see what she comes up with next!

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  1. Thanks for posting these! I feel like I need Magritte's Motif #1.


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