Monday, June 04, 2012

Who ARE These People???

When my Uncle Tom died some months back the first thing I thought of was the thousands of photographs and slides that he took. He loved photography and every time you went to visit him he had to take a picture before you left. Since I couldn't be there when his house was being cleaned out I knew that most of that stuff would get thrown away but my sister Anne did rescue a few and she mailed them to me. Some I can identify but many are a complete mystery. This one, for instance, rings no bells for me whatsoever. It makes me wonder where it ever came from.

This one however fascinates me.

 Not just because her hat is fabulous but because she looks an awful lot like a picture I have of Grandma Valentine (below) from the same era. 

The thing is the man in the picture is a total mystery. He certainly isn't Grandpa Valentine! Plus both of them are smiling which is very rare during that period.

I love these old photos. Even when I don't know who the people are I can't help but wonder about their lives. The one below shows 2 of Dad's sisters and 2 brothers: Bonnie and Burr in the back and Bill and Helen in the front.

And this is my Dad's oldest sister, Viola. Even as an old woman she was a beauty.

I spent almost the entire weeken writing and after I finished the story I was working on I re-read it and it is sort of flat. I think the story itself is fine but the writing isn't good. I'm one of those writers who can't pound out a story – I have to craft. So I am viewing this story as an outline in need of development. It remains to be seen how that will evolve. I have one more idea for my Marienstadt series and then it is time to get to work editing and refining that book – that's the hard part. This last story I have in mind is a bit darker than the others but I think it could be good. It is based in the stories told about an old grist mill in my home town that was used as a distllery during Prohibition. I need to spend some time getting my ideas together.

So I'm grateful for these photographs. They help me daydream and for me daydreams make stories. And there is nothing I love more than making stories.

Thanks for reading.

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