Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two Books on Working with Balloons by Tammie Gibbs

My guest today is Tammie Gibbs with two great books on working with balloons: 

Do It Like A Pro: 
Easy Balloon Decorating for the Non-Professional
Do It Like A Pro: 
Easy Balloon Arrangements for the Non-Professional
 by Tammie Gibbs

The Do It Like A Pro Series of books was born from over 20 years of professional party planning and balloon decor experience. When my life took a new direction I couldn't help but think how much easier parties, proms and special events could be for ordinary people if they only knew a few very simple techniques that party professionals don't want them to know. These are both very short and to the point. They are written so that even the least creative can learn the techniques and decorate for their own parties or events a inexpensively as a bag of balloons. The first book "Do It Like A Pro: Easy Balloon Decorating for the Non-Professional" gives the basic techniques for balloon swags, columns and a few other sculptures. It is fantastic for prom committees and civic club event chairs. For less than a soft drink you can learn how to do-it-yourself and save hundreds of dollars on your next event. The second book "Do It Like A Pro: Easy Balloon Arrangements for the Non-Professional" is all about creating balloon arrangements that last approximately a month. 

With just a few supplies you keep on hand that will fit in a drawer you can be prepared for unexpected "get well" and "birthdays" by creating your own arrangements and delivering them yourself.

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