Sunday, June 24, 2012

Three More Marienstadt Stories

I think I am enjoying designing these chapter page images as much as I am writing these stories. Some are easy to come up with a concept for. Some are more of a challenge:
 Story #8 - The Legend of Father Cuneo's Grave: When attorney Matthew Schreiber receives news that Delilah Lonigan has died in Texas and left her entire estate to her brother he is shocked. Delilah was rumored to have been murdered decades ago by a priest now buried in a haunted grave. Skidder Hoffman, her brother, is an old wood hick who lives alone in the forest. It is up to Fred Sarginger, the owner of The Snuff Box Tavern, and Candy Dippold to break the news to him.

Story #6 - The Day the Viaduct Blew Down: While sorting through boxes of old photographs donated to the Marienstadt Historical Society Candy Dippold makes a strange discovery, a photograph from the 1930s of a barnstorming pilot flying a biplane under the famous Kinzua Viaduct. He is determined to find out who the mystery flyer is and how he did this stunt. Meanwhile Chief of Police Henry Werner has his hands full with complaints about the guillotine Candy just built and a bunch of kids who have turned an old washing machine into a tank.
Story #5 - The Confession of Genny Franck: When Father Nicholas Bauer is called to hear the Confession of 103-year old Genny Franck she tells him she first wants him to hear her story. She tells him about her family's escape from the Old Country, about meeting her beautiful husband, the musician Daniel Franck, and how his death at a young age left her with terrible choices to make.

That's six finished and five more to go. Thanks for reading.

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