Friday, June 29, 2012

Moving Right Along with the Marienstadt Stories!

Yesterday I finished the first draft of the final story in my cycle of Marienstadt stories. This is very exciting to me. The current plan is to release the 11 stories in 3 volumes, the first one will be available in July. There will also be a paperback book with all 11 stories in it sometime this fall. I love, love, love these stories. Now it is time to refine and revise but these are three more story divider pages:

Story #5 - Drugs, Alcohol, Bacon, Firearms: A black bear has taken up residence in Fischer's Mill, an old grist mill that was once a notorious moonshine operation during Prohibition. While checking on the bear Henry Werner and Oliver Eberstark begin to suspect someone is running a meth lab and using the mill for drug deals. Both the drug dealer and the bear have got to be found and dealt with.

Story #7 - Of Beautiful Strangers, Woodchucks, and Bearded Ladies: Crazy things are going on in Marienstadt! A writer from a NY City magazine is in town interviewing the local food businesses for an article, a group of people are trying to raise money to buy back a 17-foot tall fiberglass woodchuck, a portfolio of photographs of a mysterious bearded lady is discovered in Marshall's Stationary Store's basement, and heart-throb Henry Werner has finally met his match.

Story #9 - The Reluctant Belsnikel of Opelt's Wood: When Father Nicholas Bauer tries to revive Marienstadt's ancient Belsnickel tradition he recruits his two friends from childhood, Oliver Eberstark and Gretchen Fritz. Oliver, once a handsome and popular athlete, is now a recluse who rarely leaves Opelt's Wood. Father Nick is determined to learn what happened to change him and Gretchen rediscovers why all the girls in high school had crushes on him.

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