Saturday, May 12, 2012

A New Cookbook from My “Other” Family?

Readers often tell me that my writing is particularly sensuous. They say, “I could feel, smell and taste every scene.” Taste in particular because most of my characters are pretty good cooks and they make wonderful food for the people that they love. Though Baptiste makes a mean omelett and Syd sure can whip up a batch of hush puppies, it is the ladies who really shine. On a bitterly cold December morning when the electricity goes out, Clair makes roasted apples with cinnamon in the fireplace for Baptiste. Maggie challenges Gabe to a pie-eating contest with her home-made mincemeat pie. When I write about these things I know exactly what I have in mind because for years I have collected recipes for delicious treats – for special occasions, of course.

So all of this has given me an idea: a cookbook of my heroine's best recipes. I started making a list and was surprised by how quickly it grew!

Clair's Roasted Cinnamon Apples, of course, but she also works in the kitchen with her mother making Cherrie Pies and Preserved Brandied Peaches

Maggie makes a Mincemeat Pie as well as Buttermilk Biscuits with Honey. She also tells about her mother making Chestnuts in Syrup, Blackberry Preserves, and her girls make all kinds of treats from Gooey Brownies to Spiced Teas.

Tempest tells Anjelica about making Beach Plum Jam and Beach Rosehip Preserves. Maddie makes Joe Froggers (a spicy molasses cookie laced with rum) and Marie-Isobel makes her son a Persimmon Pie.

But the current work in progress, The Whiskey Bottle in the Wall, is LOADED with delicious goodies. One character, Lola, owns a strudel shop. Another, Mandy, owns a maple syrup business complete with a sugaring shack and store. While Gretchen is making pumpkin pancakes she gets a proposal and an entire chapter is devoted to dumplings!

So, because I have so much time on my hands (ha!), I've started pulling these recipes together with the idea of putting together another cookbook. This will be from my “other family,” my children, really, my beloved characters. This is fun and a good project to work on between writing and promoting and designing, and trying to keep my head above water. I'll keep you posted. It won't be low in calories but it will have an extremely high nutritional value if you count love and creativity as nourishing.

Thanks for reading.

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