Monday, April 09, 2012

H is for Home-made: Pies, Sausages, Plots, Revenge

Long ago I heard Stephen King say that the things with the most potential to frighten were the homey, everyday things. He said finding a way to turn something people take for granted into horror had the greatest power to terrorize. I thought about this a lot and one day I started thinking about a home-made pie (okay, I think about pie a lot) and how it could be made horrifying. The result was a short story that I called Home-made Pie and Sausage. 

I enjoyed writing that so much that I kept it in the back of my mind hoping for more inspiration. One day I was driving down Rogers Street behind a Cape Pond Ice truck. I started thinking about how we see certain vehicles every day -- delivery trucks, postal trucks, etc. -- that we just take them for granted. Out of those musings grew another short story that I called Killing Julie Morris. Both stories were published in Level Best Books anthologies of crime stories. Because I retained the rights to them I decided to bundle the two together and make them available through KDP. 

Home-made Pie and Sausage / Killing Julie Morris is about revenge. Both feature female protagonists who are the sort o women that get overlooked a lot -- plain, hard-working young women who have put up with a lot for very little reward. Both of them have had enough and they take action to do something about it. They are short stories with a little bit of a twist and a tinge of humor. Available for 99 cents for Nook or Kindle. Enjoy!

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  1. Ooh, when I think of creepy pies, I think of Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street. Sounds like a great book!

  2. Now I have to buy a Kindle. I have been holding out, but I have "met" so many authors on this challenge, it would be so easy to buy their books, including yours. Thanks for visiting Hobbes. He left you a message.

  3. Thank you both. It was an amusing book to write!


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