Wednesday, April 04, 2012

D is for Depraved Heart: Dastardly Deeds & Demented Divas

A couple years ago I came across a news story about a man who was convicted of a "depraved heart murder." Oooo, I thought, what on earth is that? It turns out that term "depraved heart" is also known as "depraved indifference" and refers to a death that results from an act that shows careless indifference for human life. I absolutely LOVED the term "depraved heart" and it tantalized my imagination to the point where I concocted a story about it that grew and grew and grew. One hundred and thirty thousand words later I had a novel -- and a very sexy, tantalizing one at that.

This is how my imagination works: There was this multi-gazillionaire who, back in the days of the old tycoons, built a fabulous estate on an island off the cost of Massachusetts. He filled his estate with art and entertained like you wouldn't believe. A couple generations go by and he has great-grandchildren, a pair of beautiful, talented twins named Rachel and Raven who are ballet dancers. When they dance together they make magic. Beautiful Rachel marries gorgeous Syd Jupiter, a popular NFL running back from New Orleans. Enigmatic Raven, well, he's quite the ladies man. Half the women in New England have set their caps for him until tragedy strikes and he is shot dead during a wild party in the walled garden of the estate. His brother-in-law Syd is tried and convicted of the "depraved heart" murder of Raven even though he was just drunk and messing around with a gun.

Fifteen years go by. Tempest Hobbs is an art curator from Salem who is also an empath. In fact, she is so empathic that sometimes she feels like she is losing her mind and winds up in a mental hospital. She needs to be away from people so she can recuperate. Miraculously she receives a letter inviting her to spend the summer on an island evaluating an art collection there. She knows it would be a blessing to be so removed but the only other residents of the estate will be a paroled "depraved heart" killer, his teenage daughter who has just inherited the entire estate, the killer's mother who runs a Santeria shop in New Orleans, a fisherman/lackey who was the only witness to the murder, and the housekeeper who was one of Raven's many lovers.... the game is afoot.

Depraved Heart is a full-length novel of romantic suspense coming in April. I hope you'll find it as tantalizing to read as I found it to write...

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