Friday, March 23, 2012

Writers On Writing: Jim Bronyaur

Books That Inspired Me: On Writing by Stephen King

The most inspirational book I’ve ever read is On Writing by Stephen King. The book is written and designed so beautifully with a healthy mix between King’s life and how to actually write. Unlike some biographies that are nothing short of word dumps, King goes through some of the most memorable moments in his life and how they all pertain to his life in writing. He focuses on the small details and just seeing him on how he remembers those details and how they played out in the future in his books and career is just a testament of a person who was born to do something.

Reading about the struggles he experienced as a young writer and teacher, along with having a wife and kids really touches me because I find myself in similar shoes. It’s great to read about someone going through something you are going through or have gone through.

The aspect of writing and his advice on what to do and how to do it are spot on and he presents it in a way that is nothing like a boring English lecture but rather as learning the craft from the greatest horror writer of all time.

I turn to that book time and time again for inspiration. My favorite part is always reading how he got the phone call from his agent (or was it editor or just friend?) that his book, Carrie, had sold for $400,000. He describes looking around his old, beat up apartment, thinking about the broken transmission, the kids being sick, and all the normal things in life. It’s like experiencing that amazing dream coming true along with him. That’s why I love the book and always go back to it.

Jim Bronyaur is the author of several horror, thriller, and now mystery novels. His latest release is the first book in the Minivan Mom Mystery Series titled If Errands Could Kill.

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  1. Jim,

    Thanks for reminding me of King's wonderful book.
    I, too, love the section where his agent tries to convey how much he got for Carrie. "Four zero, zero, comma,zero,zero,zero." King kept saying $40,000 right?"


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