Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Writers on Writing: A New Series About to Begin

Last year I ran a series on this blog called For/From Indie Authors. It was pretty successful and a lot of people said they got good exposure from it. So I decided to try a new one. This is called Writers on Writing: The Book That Inspired Me. I'll post at least 2 entries a week on a first come/first served basis and I'll notify you when yours is posted. Here is what I am looking for:
  • Looking for essays from 250 to 500 words on books that writers find inspirational – it can be either a work of fiction or a book about writing or anything else. Tell a little something about the book, what impressed you about it, and how it has influenced you as a writer. You may include a brief 2-3 sentence biography and up to three links to your books, web site, blog, and/or author's page. Please email to inquiry at parlezmoipress dot com, Subject: Writers on Writing.
  • Please make sure your text is properly edited and proofread because it will appear exactly as you send it. The blog owner retains the right to publish or not publish all entries. 
You may also include a photo of yourself (please keep it under 500px wide in JPEG, PNG or GIF format) and an image for the book you are writing about.


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