Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On to Plan B...

One of the first things you learn when you get into the wild,wild world of indie publishing is that indie marketing is going to make you crazy. There simply are not enough hours in the day for all the things that you want to try and, no matter how much you do, there is no absolute assurance that any of that will work. The old rules are passé and the new rules change daily. But you need to remember two things: 1. indie publishing is a marathon, not a sprint and 2. the best way to promote your work is to make more of it -- every book you write and publish should promote the rest of your books.

A little over a year ago I had the idea to bundle together 8 short stories that I just happened to have around and sell them as a collection called love, murder, etc. Though it got favorable reviews from the people who read it the collection just never took off. Some months back I took one of the stories in that collection and published it as a stand-alone novella, Arthur's Story: A Love Story. I offered it for 99 cents and sales have been, if not spectacular, a whole lot better than they were for the collection. They are picking up and I'm happy.

So then I took out 2 stories from the "murder" section of that book -- Home-made Pie and Sausage and Killing Julie Morris. Both of them are chilling stories about revenge so I bundled them together and offered them for 99 cents, too, and the same thing happened -- sales weren't stunning but they were much, much better. So, it seemed that the logical thing to do was offer the other stories in the book in smaller lots. Today I just finished work on Mardi Gras Was Over: Three Love Stories and it is now on Amazon.

I have 2 more stories from this group to go.

I also finished drawing the charts for the next knitting instruction book the Mermaid's Garden Shawl and hope to have it on Amazon by next week.

Kindle sales have been wonderful. I'm so impressed and I want to keep this going. Over 9,000 of my books have flown off the digital shelves so far this month and I could not be more surprised or happy. So I am continuing to write and knit and design and promote. It is a full-time job but, at present, it seems to be worth it. I have 2 Amazon Select promotions coming in February. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Kathleen, you are always informative and inspirational.
    I learn things from you and love your relaxed clear thinking about everything. I also love the joy you show when something works well.

    Continued success. Your friend, Consuelo

  2. Aw, thanks, Consuelo! This publishing biz sure is an adventure. I'm glad I have good people taking the ride with me!!!

  3. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing what you've learned about the process. I wish you success beyond belief. You deserve it.

  4. Thanks, Janet. I'm learning a whole lot more about what NOT to do than what to do but everything helps!


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