Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Davenport Dialogues: Laugh, Cry, Hate, Love...

The beautiful and generous Hawaiian author of Shark Dialogues, Kiana Davenport, has written a blog post on her favorite books of 2011 and included my The Old Mermaid's Tale as one of them. In it she writes: 

Valentine's writing is so sensuous and graphic, it resurrects the lusty, maritime smells and tastes of that bygone era. Clair is initially swept off her feet by the dashing seaman, Pio, but  finds a deeper love in Baptiste, the hypnotic Breton, a seaman and musician of tragic, aching vulnerability who harbors  a dark secret from his past. While exploring this complex and doomed love, the author transports us to other eras:  shipwrecks on the Great Lakes,  Native American legends come alive,  the boomtown years of  prosperity in these slowly fading waterfront towns. There are scenes where the book's depth approaches the Biblical,  the epiphanic, as her characters contemplate the meaning of love, and of existence.  The writing is on an epic scale such as Fielding and Melville. A nourishing novel, a great journey. I loved it.

You can read the entire post here: 

DAVENPORT DIALOGUES: LAUGH, CRY, HATE, LOVE...: Hello World.  We writers constantly shortchange ourselves.  We seldom read for pure enjoyment or to escape daily tedium.  Instead we ' res...

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