Thursday, November 03, 2011

Forgive the Cartwheels But....

This has been such an exciting experience! Last month was a record month for book sales. In fact I sold more of my books (in both eformat and paper) in October than I had in the previous 22 months combined. November is taking off well so far. Ghosts of a Beach Town in Winter is currently #29 in "ghost stories" on Amazon, my knitting and cooking books are doing very well, and love, murder, etc. has made it into the top 100 short story anthologies a couple of times.

love, murder, etc. will be changing in the coming months. Currently it is only available as an ebook and it contains 8 short stories, 3 of which are also available as 99 cent singles. Arthur's Story is a single and Home-made Pie & Sausage/Killing Julie Morris is also a single. So the plans are to remove love, murder, etc. as an ebook BUT to release it as a print version that will contain the current 8 stories PLUS The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic and Ghosts of a Beach Town in Winter. I've had a lot of requests to make those two titles available in print so I think this will be a good thing -- it will let those readers who prefer print to have a nice-sized book with 8 stories and 2 novelettes and still keep the 99 cent singles available as ebooks.

So, again, thanks to all who read and many, many thanks to those who have purchased my books!!!


  1. Congrats, Kathleen! There you are with Stephen King during Halloween month!

    Am eagerly awaiting the print versions. Yes, I'm a Luddite when it comes to books.

  2. You are not alone, Mo. A number of people have asked for print versions so I think this will be a good solution! Thanks!!!


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