Friday, August 26, 2011

For/From Indie Authors: Aliya Anjum

I have been writing since the age of 8 and got published at 17 in the largest selling daily of Pakistan. I have written over a wide range of topics including op-eds, book reviews, travelogues, socio-economic write-ups and economic policy critiques.

I hold a BBA/MBA degree from the Institute of Business Administration(IBA), Karachi and an MS from Philadelphia University, US.  I have worked for a French and British Bank in Karachi before attending grad school in US.  I teach MBA students part time.  At present I am pursuing writing full time.

I am a prize winning author of three manuscripts, I have published one of them as an e-book. My latest writings are based on history. The first book is a short account of the wives of Prophet Muhammad to humanize the 11 ladies by looking at surprising facts about their personalities.

My second book is a travelogue on Greece. This book is an unconventional travelogue since it covers history, culture, sightseeing and globalization in a very enjoyable narrative.

I have also launched a third book on Scientific history, which covers the history of various inventions and institutions from their ancient origins (mainly Greek) through the Muslim golden age of science 750-1500 AD revealing surprising details about the Islamic world and then reconnecting the sciences with the modern west.  This book won a commendation certificate from the National Book Foundation, Pakistan. Its is a fairly easy read despite its breadth and scope.

  • After you finish your manuscript.  Let it rest for a week and then pick it up to proof read.  Then let it rest for a week and again proof read.  Finally after a week, proof read it one last time.  Each time you would find yourself making some changes.  Its better to then run it through family or friends and then give it one last session of alterations.  Finally, give it to a professional editor.  You would save yourself a load of trouble later, this way.
  • Try an open source software to design your own cover.  Its free and fairly easy to work with.  I designed all 3 covers through this site.
  • For describing scenes elaborately, as I did in my travelogue, its best to refer to a picture and then try and narrate that picture.  It can be a picture on the internet, if its a fictional scene.  


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