Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guest Blogging the Blogoshpere

Writers wishing to increase their readership often find that guest blogging -- posting blog posts on other blogger's blogs -- is a good way to gain exposure and have some fun in the process. Today, being my birthday, it was a special treat to discover that I had two guest blogs posted.

The first on Boomers and Books, is a blog I wrote about re-reading Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita". The book is disturbing, there's no getting around that, but at the time it was published in 1955 people knew very little about pedophilia. Nabokov took readers inside the head of a pedophile and, while I can't imagine that book was fun to write, it opened a lot of people's eyes to a dirty little secret that was shockingly prevalent in society. Read about it at Boomers and Books.

And writer Marsha Canham writes adventure romances with some of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen. She asked me to let her print a long excerpt from The Old Mermaid's Tale so on her blog today she posted the chapters in which Clair and Rosie spend the summer working as car hops at the Roller-Rama Drive-In. So if you want to spend a few minutes in 1962, grooving to Neil Sedaka, take a look at her blog -- my entry is halfway down the page.

And now I am spending my birthday doing what I love the most -- working on a new story, then reading on the porch with a martini or two.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Happy Birthday Kathleen! May your next year be as creatively fulfilling as this one has!

  2. Thank you, Carla -- I plan for it to be. At my age it had better be!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! :-)

    So if you want to spend a few minutes in 1962

    Actually, I did spend quite a few minutes in 1962, as that's the year I was born. :-)

    Which makes me 49. In case you're as math averse as I am. ;-)


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