Friday, July 29, 2011

For/From Indie Authors: Bradley J. Milton

Business executive, former Deadhead, and '80s technologist Bradley J. Milton is the author of the new psychedelic reality-consciousness novel Huckleberry Milton.

  • Use the writing tools you are familiar with. Everyone says to use Microsoft Word. That's ok, but if you aren't familiar with Word, or if you prefer others, that's ok too. Use 'em. I am very familiar with Norton Utilities, WordPerfect 5.1, Lotus 1-2-3, WordStar, PC-Write, Pro-Write, and many others. All of these are not as popular as Word. However, I am good at them. Productive. That's what matters. What happens is I can Create more material with these tools than I could if I were struggling around with Word. "What's this key do? Oops ..."
  • Try to beat outside your genre.  Today, genres are popular. Everybody loves vampires and teen comedies (Chick Lit). Also erotica. But there's more. Think of other monsters: the werewolves and Frankenstein are not as popular. Add them. I have a scene with UFO creatures in my new novel that is unusual, I believe, because they are not current popular. But it is a new Idea. Also, try to mix up Romance with Horror, Action/Adventure with Literary Fiction. Add all the genres, take different parts. Who cares about "pegging" your book into one -- I find that Readers are interested. They want to know. They'll be open. Just try it.
  • Talk to the world on Twitter. I am amazed at the success of Twitter. It is a powerful tool. You don't just put commercials on there, but you can communicate with millions. This happens quickly: as soon as you type out a message, the whole world can see it. Direct messages to the people who interest you. It's nice. I sometimes ask questions, and I learn on there. I tell people what I am doing. I make suggestions. You can see what I have by adding @bradleyjmilton to your list of users to follow. Let me know and I'll look.

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