Saturday, June 25, 2011

Low-Carb Pancakes: Are You Kidding Me?

It's berry season and I have been dying for blueberry pancakes but I'm still trying to keep the carbs down. What to do, what to do? But last night I got a bright idea and it also turned out to be a delicious idea. I made low-carb blueberry-strawberry-hazelnut-coconut pancakes that were out of this world good and pretty darn low in carbs.

Berries tend to be lower in carbs than most fruits anyway because they are high in fiber and fiber cancels out carbs. A cup of fresh raw strawberries has 49 calories and net 9 g. of carbs once the fiber is subtracted. Blueberries are a little higher with 84 calories per cup, and 17 net g. of carbs. But the truth is fresh berries are so delicious and loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants that they more than make up for the few extra carbs.

For the batter I used a low-carb baking mix that I buy from NutsOnline that contains whole grain oat flour, oat fiber, flaxseed meal and wheat bran among other yummy things. A serving has 5 net grams of carbs. I also used hazelnut flour (4 net g. of carbs per serving) and some toasted coconut (2 net g. per serving).

This is the recipe I came up with:

Blend together:
½ c. low carb baking mix
½ c. hazelnut flour
¼ c. toasted coconut

Add 1 egg and ½ c. milk. Stir together until well-blended, adding a little more milk as needed to make batter the consistency you prefer.

I did not add any sweetener but you could add stevia or Splenda if you like. I also did not add spices because I wanted the fruit and coconut to be the primary taste.

Fold in ½ c. blueberries and ½ c. sliced strawberries. More if you like.

In a non-stick skillet heat 2 tblsp. cooking oil until it sizzles. Drop in the batter, let it simmer until bubbles form on top, flip, cook through, serve.

You can top them however you like – I just sliced up more strawberries for mine but you could use yogurt, whipped cream cheese, or any syrup you fancy but, believe me, it didn't need syrup.

This was really a treat and I won't be making them every day but the flavor was so outstanding and the carb count so reasonable that I will remember the recipe for special treats.

I think it would be an excellent batter to use on apple pandowdy, too. Just slice your apples in the bottom of the pan, sprinkle well with cinnamon and nutmeg, then pour the batter over and bake.

Go get some strawberries – it's that time of year! Thanks for reading.   


  1. It sounds and looks beyond delicious. Bravo and thanks for sharing

  2. Yum! Just my kind of food, I'm always hunting for tasty low-glycemic ideas. Glad to know the nutsonline mix is good! I'll think of ordering it next time I buy stuff from them :)

    Georgie Fear RD


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