Saturday, June 04, 2011

For/From Indie Authors: Nicholas LaSalle

Nicholas La Salla is a freelance writer operating in the northern Illinois region.  He is the husband of a beautiful woman and father to two awesome kids, all of whom luckily support his writing career in spite of the inevitable ups and downs.  He sold his first novel to a traditional publisher in 2007, but ultimately decided to publish on Amazon's Kindle.  His first novel, One More Day, was released in February 2011.  


  • Never submit a piece or publish if your work is not ready.  If you need more time to polish, then by all means polish it.  Don't rush something out the door that you are not 100% confident about airing to the world.  If you wouldn't feel comfortable showing it to your neighbors, then keep it on your word processor until you are ready to show anyone and everyone.
  • Write about what you believe.  If you are a dark and pessimistic thinker, then your books have to echo that.  If you don't knowingly incorporate that side of yourself into your writing, then that side will betray you and pop through the cracks of that happy ending and expose you.  Don't run away from the shadowy side of your personality.  Embrace it, because that is the fuel that keeps your writing fresh.
  • Don't take rejection to heart.  In this business, you are bound to be rejected millions of times before you hit a home run out of the park.  Even if you are self publishing on Kindle, you are still going to be rejected, and you're going to be rejected often.  Even if a million people buy your book (and I think no one would argue if I said that person was a success for having done so), there's still several billion people in this world who will reject it.  It's not a reflection of your worth as a person, it's simply that some people want to spend their money on something else at this time.

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  1. Yay, write what you believe! You can tell when writers take on a project for which they are unprepared, don't know the subject matter well, or aren't doing it for the right reasons!

    YA: Cheat, Liar, Coward
    Adult: Shackled


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