Friday, May 06, 2011

Spider Silk from Writer Linda Ash

I found this blog post so interesting I thought knitters and other fiber lovers might be interested, too. Linda Ash talks about Spider Silk. Read the rest and see a video on her blog.

Spider Silk

photo from this site
The picture at right is a traditional royal Madagascar weaving done in spider silk. That's right. Spider silk. The silk was milked by hand from golden orb spiders found in the wild in Madagascar. More information about the cloth and the process that went into its creation can be found here.

This is one of the most beautiful textiles I've ever seen, and I'm doubly interested in it because in my book, Rose of Par Kluhnd: A Fairy Tale, there is an area in the Lands of Shey which produces textiles made from spider silk. In fact, Rose, from time to time in the story, wears armor made from spider silk. 

Read the rest and see a video on her blog.

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