Monday, May 02, 2011

A Mermaid's Garden Lace Scarf

What does a mermaid raise in her garden? Mostly seaweed I would think. Beautiful lacy, twisting seaweed all bordered by gracefully curving seashells. That's what I have thought about while working on my newest lace scarf so I decided to name it the Mermaid's Garden Scarf. It combines three lovely, lacy patterns -- two for the seaweed and one for the seashell border. The yarn is Knit Picks Gloss Lace in a color they call "Mermaid", it is a blend of merino wool and silk.

The center of the garden is a twisty, windy seaweedy pattern called Scroll Lace:
One either end of the center panel are little plots of another seaweed-looking lace that is a variation on Traveling Vine, one of my favorite lace stitches:
And finally, all around the border, is a shell lace that reminds me of the seashells any mermaid gardener would ring her garden with.
Of course the patterns in the lace will show more beautifully once it is blocked. But I've charted all three lace patterns and am over half-way there so check back for the finished piece -- and for the Mermaid's Garden Lace Scarf pattern.

This was a tough winter for knitting because of the endless problems I had with pain in my hands and wrists but things seem to be improving and I've got several beautiful new designs I want to write patterns for in the coming months. One pattern will be an adorable set which includes lacy fingerless gloves, ear-warmer and smoke-ring all in the most beautifully lacy lace. All patterns will be part of the new Knit Your Tail Off pattern series which is currently available for Amazon Kindle and is coming for PDF downloads.

Thanks for reading.

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