Thursday, May 26, 2011

For/From Indie Authors: Craig Davis

After earning bachelor’s and graduate degrees at the University of Missouri, Craig Davis toiled for 20 years at newspapers, and has spent a lifetime in biblical scholarship. An amateur musician, he was once wrestled to the ground by a set of bagpipes. He has two adult daughters and a dog that refuses to grow up.


  • My advice is, first, write what's in your heart and head. Don't worry about getting published; that will only draw you into formulaic writing. If you are interested in the art, resist formulas with all your might and let the publishing take care of itself.
  • Second, write what you have lived (not what you've read). Doing this will help you avoid being derivative. You will also find that your experience gives you a much greater knowledge of and intimacy with what you're writing than what you have only read from other authors.
  • Second and one half: If you love it, don't give up.
  • Third, get a good editor. Everyone needs an editor, and agents, publishers, reviewers and readers hate nothing more than sloppy fundamentals.

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