Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Falling in Love with Hines Ward

"Last night every woman in America fell in love with Hines Ward." - a Tweet from a Hines Fan Convert.

I'd never seen an episode of Dancing with the Stars prior to this season and, frankly, had no clue how it worked. But when I heard that Steeler Wide Receiver Hines Ward was a contestant this year I started paying attention. I've yet to watch a full episode -- it's just not to my taste -- but I've become a Hines & Kym junkie. Every Tuesday morning I can't wait to turn on my computer, go to You Tube, and see Hines dance. He's as impressive on the dance floor as he is on the football field.

This week the news broke that his fabulous partner Kym had been injured during one of their practice routines. Like all his fans I thought, "Oh $#!%!" But she survived and, boy oh boy, did they dance. The footage of their dance also shows what happened and it is a heart-breaker but watching how they pulled through and then danced... well, if you have any kind of a heart at all, this is going to tug at it:

They had a second dance last night and this is the salsa that garnered a perfect score. It is preceded by a brief bio of the Superbowl MVP featuring some great interviews with Coach Tomlin, Coach Cowher, Steelers strong safety Troy Polamalu, former Steeler Jerome "The Bus" Bettis and more.

Next week are the finals and no matter what happens there is little doubt Hines Ward is -- well -- ya gotta love him. Like Troy said, he's all heart.

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  1. He is so stinking adorable I can't stand it.

  2. Isn't he? What a doll - and the muscles don't hurt...


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