Monday, April 18, 2011

My Guest Interview on Scribbles and Tunes

I got to do a guest interview with Christopher Bunn on his Scribbles and Tunes Site:

Kathleen Valentine

Kathleen Valentine is visiting the blog today, all the way from across the continent in Massachusetts. Did you know, in the ye olden days, it would take around seven months traveling by wagon to get from Boston to California? Of course, you also stood a good chance of dying en route. Please keep that in mind, the next time any of you are stuck on the 405 during rush hour in Los Angeles. Anyway, the show must go on, even if the freeway won’t. Without further ado, here’s Kathleen…
Hi, Kathleen. Thanks for stopping by. Before we get into writing and books, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I grew up in a small Pennsylvania Dutch community in north central Pennsylvania and one of the things I realize now is that the people there were great storytellers. Ever since I was little I can remember people sitting around — on porches, or at picnics (my family loved picnics), or just sitting around the kitchen table — and they would always be telling stories. Most of my great aunts and uncles were first generation Americans and they brought the Old World tradition of telling stories with them. I can remember parties when I was little when there would be a hundred people there and every room that you went in to was full of people sitting around, drinking beer and telling stories. I loved listening to those stories so I guess it is natural that eventually I would become a storyteller, too.

I went to Penn State and graduated with a degree in The Arts. Most of my life I’ve been a graphic artist but I’ve had a lot of jobs from tending-bar to driving a limo and from being a belly dancer to being a therapist. I currently live in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
Read the rest here. Thanks for reading.

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