Friday, April 01, 2011

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Let’s welcome Kathleen Valentine back to The Inner Bean!

What I’ve Learned from Reviews

Reviews are tricky things. All authors love the good ones, the ones that tell you how wonderful your book is and how much people loved it. But it is the less glowing ones, and even the bad ones, that have the most to teach us. Now that I have six books out there in the wild world of literature – or at least books – I’ve learned a few things that might be useful to both authors and readers, especially readers who plan to write a review:

  1. Not everyone will love your book. I know, this comes as a shock. Sad to say no matter how many people tell you how great your book is there are those who just won’t like it and there is nothing you can do about this. Nor, really, should you. As a writer it is your job to write the best story you can possibly write but remember that we all have our unique sets of experiences and what speaks to one person will not speak to another. I’ve gotten reviews that said things like “it just never grabbed me” and “it was okay but I wouldn’t read it again” or “it never lived up to it’s hype”. Don’t worry about reviews like that – all they are saying is “this isn’t my kind of book”. Who knows why the reader decided to read it but they did and they reviewed it and you are stuck with their ambivalence.
  2. If more than one person complains about the same thing, pay attention. If you get a negative review from someone who says they hated one thing or another, try not to take it personally but if more than one person mentions the same thing it is time to give that some consideration. For example: Read the rest on The Inner Bean

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  1. I agree with this. I had that experience when I was trying to publish my book "Beyond the Snows of the Andes," traditionally. I would get comments like "I liked it but I just didn't fall in love with it." Or "Your book just wasn't for us but opinions are very subjective." Until I got one that made up for all of them. The publisher wrote that she loved my book but for financial reasons couldn't publish it and by all means leave no stone unturned trying to publish it because I really had it." Needless to say that made my day. I'm sure we encounter lots of readers who try to knock you down for no reason but if you know deep in your heart that you did the best you could, that you followed your passion and were true to yourself, you can deal better with the naysayers a lot better.


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